For prospective Tufts University international relations undergraduates

Tufts University offers some very good opportunities to undergraduates interested in social justice and development. As a graduate student at Tufts University’s Fletcher School, I have been very impressed with the seminars that students organise and the summer internships that students do. I’ve also been very impressed by the presentation and foreign language skills of undergraduates.
Prominent faculty
  • Include Ayesha Jalal, a preeminent South Asian historian, Daniel Dennett, one of the famous atheist philosophers, Vali Nasr, a Middle East and South Asian affairs expert who was recently a special adviser to the Obama administration and is also an alumnus of both Tufts and Fletcher, Daniel Drezner, an international political economist who keeps a well-known blog on Foreign Policy, Jeswald Salacuse, an international law professor who is also the president of the World Bank’s International Arbitration Tribunal and chairman of a fund, and Michael Klein, who is currently serving as the chief economist at the US Treasury of International Affairs.
  • Students can take business classes at The Fletcher School, one of the preeminent graduate schools of international affairs and a school which Tufts undergrad feeds into. An undergraduate took a class with me taught by a Fletcher alumnus who had been the former CFO of IBM under Lou Gerstner and CEO of Xerox. He had been awarded the French Legion of Honour by Jacques Chirac for his services to France while working as a top five ex at AmericanExpress and currently sits on the Trilateral Commission with Paul Volcker and Henry Kissinger, and sits on the board of Deutsche Bank, as well as 12 other boards. The class had 14 people in it, and we were able to become well acquainted with our professor.
  • Foreign Policy magazine ranks Tufts undergraduate number 10 for international affairs, after Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, Columbia, Chicago, Dartmouth and Berkeley. It is ranked equal to Michigan, and above Duke, Williams College, Cornell, MIT, Swarthmore, Johns Hopkins, American University, UC San Diego, Brown etc.
  • Students can get in touch with admissions officers to begin a conversation on how they may fit at Tufts.

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