Meeting you on June 8th, and postal votes

Hi! Hopefully one of my fellow Camden campaigners or I have spoken with you, and you’ve received my letter. I’m serious about becoming your MP: as a mature student wrapping up his PhD, I have the flexibility to move to BOS & have a stronger presence at community meetings than Neil Coyle.

This week, I heard the Housing Action Southwark’s issues. I’d like to hear yours. Please join me at Brunel Museum Café on Saturday June 8between 10am-1pm (& then treat yourself to the museum!), or at The Gladstone Arms 5-7pm. Alternatively, email me ( to let me know when works for you.

I’ve been an activist since 2003 and am an infrastructure investment professional and academic, so can bring analytical advocacy for an underground station at Bricklayers Arms and for social housing. Please look at my campaign manifesto and experiences.

I’m on Twitter! @ImadAhmed.

Please email to post your vote if you can’t make hustings on 15 June at 11am at The Grange Pub.


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