Pakistan’s charade debate

Global Edition of  The New York Times | September 7, 2006 The Boston Globe | September 3, 2006 By Imaduddin Ahmed LAHORE, Pakistan THE BATTLE for basic women’s rights — including the right to have a rapist prosecuted — is back on … Continue reading Pakistan’s charade debate

Showdown in Anatolia

The Friday Times | Sep 1, 2006 Snow By Orhan Pamuk; Translated by Maureen Freely; Faber and Faber (2004); Rs 395 Our guide, “Orhan the novelist,” is the narrator of his own novel. Culturally and politically Western, Pamuk remains critical of the force the Turkish state applies to enforce its vision of democratic secularism, established by Mustafa Kemal in the 1920s, on its Islamist population. Fictional character Turgut Bey, an honest and humane man who has suffered hardship for his beliefs (he is also the father of the beautiful Ipek) asks a question not too dissimilar from what Pamuk himself … Continue reading Showdown in Anatolia