What have foreigners done for Britain?

The Lost Pakistani | GQ India  14 Aug, 2012 The London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony lead my discerning Italian housemate to believe that the sum contribution of ‘others who came’ to the shores of Britain was a weird interpretive dance … Continue reading What have foreigners done for Britain?

Playing to the homesick crowd

by Imaduddin Ahmed The Friday Times | 24 March, 2006 For expatriates, cricket represents a tangible symbol of being Pakistani and gives hope that better times lie ahead [newer version] I grew up in England, yet I never felt ‘English’. I was born in Lahore but emigrated months after via San Francisco to England, where I would live the next 18 years, before returning to the San Francisco Bay Area for university. “To be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life,” colonialist Cecil Rhodes once asserted. Not born English, but naturalised as a Brit at … Continue reading Playing to the homesick crowd