Presenting on & moderating a panel on hydropower

Not only are there emissions associated with the construction and decommissioning of hydropower plants and the destruction of carbon sinks, not only are there emissions associated with the methane released from hydrodam reservoirs, but there’s now also backup diesel generation that we need to take into account when hydropower from reservoir lakes fails as a baseload source of energy.

My upcoming book

“Imad Ahmed has written a fascinating and meticulously researched book on Zambia, which details the various challenges posed by hydroelectric power. This book is a must-read for all interested in Zambia and energy policy in the developing world.”

The cost of power outages to Zambia’s manufacturing sector

Policy Brief 41408 International Growth Centre | June 2019 Imaduddin Ahmed, Michelle Baddeley, D’Maris Coffman, Jim Meikle and Graham Sianjase In Brief: The researchers surveyed 146 large manufacturing firms in Zambia’s industrial hubs in 2018 to assess the impacts of power outages on Zambia’s manufacturing sector, and firms’ coping mechanisms. Following the outages of 2015…

Powering the Zambian economy

For Zambia’s manufacturing sector, power outages can mean make or break. Bartlett PhD Researcher Imad Ahmed is working to help the government find a better way to deal with electricity crises. George Bull | Bartlett 100 | 24 April, 2019 Kariba North dam, Zambia. Credit: Zambezi River Authority 70% of surviving manufacturers used diesel generators to…