You are what you eat

Imaduddin Ahmed | The Friday Times A holistic vision of health, identity and ethical farming Developments in the laboratory have enabled cultivators to grow more food for the world’s burgeoning population, but at a cost. People in the developed world have been worrying about health hazards associated with pesticides, nitrate fertilisers and (genetically modified) GM crops. All these are believed to be linked with cancer, damage to the environment and other health problems. This consciousness has spread all over the world; regrettably, unhealthy eating is not as big a concern in Pakistan as it should be. But things are changing, … Continue reading You are what you eat

Story time

The Friday Times Imaduddin Ahmed | April 3, 2006 The Alif Laila Book Bus has inculcated the reading habit in thousands of children “The classroom our primary school-goer enters is bereft of colour. Stark walls stare her/him in the face and dilapidated desks and chairs must do. . . In walks the teacher, who must shout if she is ever to be heard by what has now become a medley of high-pitched sound . . . Lessons commence with facts being repeated by fifty odd disinterested voices, each trying to outdo the other in loudness . . . and so … Continue reading Story time

Wagah Border – Amitava Kumar

‘In the distance, I could see Pakistani viewers sitting on a similar structure on the other side. As I watched them, an energetic man in a cream shalwar-kameez got up and began to lead the Pakistanis in shouting slogans. “Pakistan . . . ” he would say, “Zindabad!” the crowd responded. The Indians watched this for a while, and then around me the voices rose in response. “Bharat Mata ki . . . Jai!” Then, the tone changed and both sides began to shout slogans calling for the death and destruction of the other [ . . . ] There was genuine passion present there, but it was … Continue reading Wagah Border – Amitava Kumar