Seismic costs

Dawn | October 7, 2018 Imaduddin Ahmed WHEN considering investment in an infrastructure project, responsible investors or donors would ask: what is the need? What are the financial, social and environmental costs? What are the risks and the unknowns? Is the project likely to yield higher costs than benefits? Is the project the best option to address the need? Pakistan’s judiciary and government have called upon Pakistanis to invest in the Diamer-Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund, and yet they have insufficiently addressed these questions. The Supreme Court’s online app­eal is not accompanied by a feasibility study. From the outside looking … Continue reading Seismic costs

A cross-border friendship puts women in the driving seat

An Indo-Pak friendship born in the United States underlines the shared value of women’s empowerment Aman ki Asha | Dec 2, 2015 Imaduddin Ahmed Sightings of women driving pink rickshaws around Lahore have seized global media attention about the initiative to enfranchise women, those seeking to supplement their livelihood as well as those seeking safe passage. I first heard about the Pink Rickshaw being voiced as a concept some time back at the work desk of my ever-active khala (mother’s sister), Zar Aslam, when I was on a visit from Rwanda to see family in Lahore. That’s when I learnt … Continue reading A cross-border friendship puts women in the driving seat

Story time

The Friday Times Imaduddin Ahmed | April 3, 2006 The Alif Laila Book Bus has inculcated the reading habit in thousands of children “The classroom our primary school-goer enters is bereft of colour. Stark walls stare her/him in the face and dilapidated desks and chairs must do. . . In walks the teacher, who must shout if she is ever to be heard by what has now become a medley of high-pitched sound . . . Lessons commence with facts being repeated by fifty odd disinterested voices, each trying to outdo the other in loudness . . . and so … Continue reading Story time