Foreign direct investment into Latin America

Recommended reading by Professor of International Economics Krohn, with a summary by Erika Tabacniks and me below. Daniel Chudnovsky and Andres Lopez, ‘Foreign Direct Investment and Development: the Mercosur Experience,’ CEPAL Review #92, August 2007. Ruth Rios-Morales y David O’Donovan, Can the Latin American and Caribbean countries emulate the Irish model of FDI attraction? CEPAL Review #88, April 2006.   Foreign Direct Investment into Latin America Introduction In 1960 Ireland was one of the world’s poorest nations.  By 2004 it had become of the world’s wealthiest countries in terms of annual income per capita, USD 36,360; it had a large trade surplus of 38.4 billion … Continue reading Foreign direct investment into Latin America

Pakistan, rebranded

The Boston Globe By Imaduddin Ahmed and Kapil Komireddi March 25, 2010 Pop-star Ali Zafar GOOGLE “PAKISTAN is’’ and you’ll find a host of common searches: “a failed state,’’ “a terrorist country,’’ “doomed’’ and — encompassing all of the above — “the problem.’’ Pakistan’s image is both the effect and a potential cause of terrorism: it scares away business investments, and leaves jobless youth without opportunities, ripe for mullahs who promise riches in the afterlife. In significant ways, however, the actual security risks faced by private enterprises in Pakistan is no greater than the violent threat they face in India. … Continue reading Pakistan, rebranded

Unraveling the World’s Best-Kept Secret

Fletcher Features Imaduddin Ahmed | March 23, 2010 Medium-sized investments in sub-Saharan enterprises will help develop the region more than hand-outs, and return profit, say London financier and Kampala-industrialist In 1995, New York had more mobiles than the entire continent of Africa. This year, in spite of the low GDP per capita of the continent, it will have as many mobile phones as the USA. Nigeria, according to UNESCO, produces more feature films than the USA. More than 80% of African countries are politically stable, and the average return on foreign investment into Africa is about 30%. Yet, in the … Continue reading Unraveling the World’s Best-Kept Secret