Explanation of the Doha Declaration on TRIPS

In this post we will discuss the The Doha Declaration on the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement & public health, and how it affects the scope of intellectual property laws set out for the first time in international law for WTO Members by the TRIPS Agreement in 1994. The need for a clarification of the scope of the TRIPS agreement arose because of the potential conflict of two matters of public interest: 1) The matter of providing incentives to those who innovate solutions which have the potential to improve public health 2) The matter of making … Continue reading Explanation of the Doha Declaration on TRIPS

Unraveling the World’s Best-Kept Secret

Fletcher Features Imaduddin Ahmed | March 23, 2010 Medium-sized investments in sub-Saharan enterprises will help develop the region more than hand-outs, and return profit, say London financier and Kampala-industrialist In 1995, New York had more mobiles than the entire continent of Africa. This year, in spite of the low GDP per capita of the continent, it will have as many mobile phones as the USA. Nigeria, according to UNESCO, produces more feature films than the USA. More than 80% of African countries are politically stable, and the average return on foreign investment into Africa is about 30%. Yet, in the … Continue reading Unraveling the World’s Best-Kept Secret