Explanation of the Doha Declaration on TRIPS

In this post we will discuss the The Doha Declaration on the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement & public health, and how it affects the scope of intellectual property laws set out for the first time in international law for WTO Members by the TRIPS Agreement in 1994. The need for a clarification of the scope of the TRIPS agreement arose because of the potential conflict of two matters of public interest: 1) The matter of providing incentives to those who innovate solutions which have the potential to improve public health 2) The matter of making … Continue reading Explanation of the Doha Declaration on TRIPS

Update on Pakistan’s floods

Listen to the Interview Here: Radio interview with TiffinTalk, an Indian current affairs radioshow While the breaking news of the Pakistan floods has faded from the front pages of newspapers, only to be replaced by what sounds like flood induced damage to unfinished buildings at the Commonwealth Games, the fallout from the catastrophe is still very real.  As a matter of fact, for the scale of the disaster that Pakistan faced during this year’s monsoon, the amount of aid it received was stunningly low.  To give us a better understanding of the floods, we are joined by Imad Ahmed.  Imad … Continue reading Update on Pakistan’s floods