Kinyarwanda: greetings and pleasantries

greeting for the first time – muraho good morning – mwara mutse hello – mwiriwe have a good day – umunsi mwiza have a good day (16-18h) – umugoroba mwiza good evening – muraramukeho, umugoroba mweza good night – ijoro geza good-bye (to a lot of people) – muririrweho farwell – murabeho go well – urugenda gweza go = genda good weekend – icyumweru cyiza have a good day at work – akazi keza have good weather – mugire ibihe byiza Q: how goes it? – amakuru? A: well  – ni meza Q: abandi baraho? – how are your people? … Continue reading Kinyarwanda: greetings and pleasantries

Introduction to Kinyarwanda on this website

First of all, welcome to Rwanda! You’ll enjoy the idyllic weather in this beautiful, clean and safe country. If you’re planning on staying here a while, you’ll probably want to learn the native language Kinyarwanda for your own sanity and as a courtesy to the people here who don’t speak English, French or Swahili. Unfortunately, Kinyarwanda is a difficult language to learn. The language has many idiosyncrasies and irregularities – and not just regarding adjectives and verbs. Even nouns, such as numbers, change, depending on context. It’s also difficult finding written resources that can aid your learning. The approach I’ve taken to … Continue reading Introduction to Kinyarwanda on this website