African cleavages

New to Sub-Saharan Africa but bitten by the private equity bug that says invest to capture its growth? Visualising SSA as one monolithic entity and having difficulty in breaking it into digestable parts? Here are a few cleavages to consider to get you going. Distinguish consumer markets with a lot of growth potential (economic growth rate, population size, political stability) from those that don’t Distinguish promising PPP partners for large infrastructure projects (political stability, foreign reserves, track-record for relations with infrastructure investors, BITs) Political stability: Read political histories of particular countries by reading books Follow Al Jazeera, Jeune Afrique/The Africa … Continue reading African cleavages

Frontier market funds

A non-exhaustive (will be periodically updated) list of emerging and frontier market financiers: Government/multilateral development finance institutions and banks – International Finance Corporation (IFC), the for-profit arm of the World Bank – Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), US DFI – CDC Group (formerly Commonwealth Development Corporation), UK DFI – DEG, German DFI – L’Agence Française de Développement (AFD), French DFI for govt projects – Proparco, French DFI for majority-owned private sector projects – FMO, Dutch DFI – SwedFund, Swedish DFI – NorFund, Norwegian DFI – Africa Development Bank (AfDB) – Asia Development Bank (ADB) – European Investment Bank (EIB) – … Continue reading Frontier market funds