Frontier market funds

A non-exhaustive (will be periodically updated) list of emerging and frontier market financiers:

Government/multilateral development finance institutions and banks

– International Finance Corporation (IFC), the for-profit arm of the World Bank

– Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), US DFI

– CDC Group (formerly Commonwealth Development Corporation), UK DFI

– DEG, German DFI

– L’Agence Française de Développement (AFD), French DFI for govt projects

– Proparco, French DFI for majority-owned private sector projects

– FMO, Dutch DFI

– SwedFund, Swedish DFI

– NorFund, Norwegian DFI

– Africa Development Bank (AfDB)

– Asia Development Bank (ADB)

– European Investment Bank (EIB)

– European Bank of Reconstruction & Development, EBRD

– Africa Finance Corp (AFC), Nigerian DFI

– AgDevCo, funding from DfID (also an infrastructure developer) focused on agriculture in Africa

Private equity houses, family offices, investment houses & debt providers with  frontier and emerging market activities

– Abraaj Capital/Aureus Capital, MENASA & SSA foci

– Actis, Africa, LA & Asia foci

– Black Rhino

– Helios Investment Partners, SSA focus

– Vital Capital, SSA focus

– Frontier Market Fund Managers/Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund

– eleQtra’s InfraCo Sub-Saharan Infrastructure Fund (also a developer)

– HSBC Private Equity

– Alpine

– Development Partners International, SSA focus

– SAMENA Capital, MENASA focus

– ePlanet Capital

– Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), SSA focus

– Salford Capital Partners, former Soviet Union & CE Europe focus

– Carlyle Group

– Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR)

– CVC Capital Partners

– Och-Ziff

– Summit Partners

– QuilVest

– Silk Invest

– Africa Development Corporation, Africa focus

– Brait (South African)

– Ethos Capital (South African)

– 8 Miles Fund, Africa focus

– Vital Capital

– Duet Private Equity

– Duet Africa Private Equity, Africa focus

– Duet India, India focus

– TLG Capital

– Satya Capital, focused on Africa

– Joule Investments

– Vasari Global

– TBL Mirror Fund, E Africa

– Fleming Family & Partners

– Maris Capital, Africa

– EMVest, S&C Africa agriculture

– ManoCap, W Africa

– Mauritius Commercial Bank Capital Partners, E Africa focus

– Jahangir Siddiqui Private Equity, Pakistan focus

– Burj Capital, Pakistan & SSA focus

– Leopard Capital, SE Asia focus

– Bastion Wealth Management

– Investec

– Vantage Mezzanine Capital (South African)

Non-microfinance focused impact investors

– Acumen Fund

– Dasra, India focus

– Impact Investment Partners, India focus

– Omidyar Network

– Gray Ghost Ventures

– The Eleos Foundation


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