Should Pakistanis apologise to Bangladeshis?

A Rwanda-based Pakistani is pushing his compatriots to admit that their country committed war crimes on Bangladesh, something Pakistan’s rulers have never conceded. Beena Sarwar · Dec 07, 2015 · 12:30 pm An online petition stark in its simplicity has revived an over 30-year-old debate in Pakistan. “We the undersigned Pakistanis deeply regret the atrocities committed in our name against the people of Bangladesh in 1970-71. Yours with utter humility,” it says. Created a couple of months ago by young Pakistani Imaduddin Ahmed, the petition took on new life after the Pakistan’s Director General South Asia and SAARC summoned the Acting … Continue reading Should Pakistanis apologise to Bangladeshis?

Rule of law interviews with the media

I’m a Muslim, get me out of here, BBC Radio 4 Decency on hold, Daily Times A look at INS Special registration, Star News TV Focus Asia by Ling Liu – full interview Muslim registration under attack, San Francisco Chronicle On being a threat to homeland security, Wiretap – full interview Berdahl sends back $63,000 to ASUC, Daily Californian Campus remembers attacks, Daily Californian International Students may pay fee for database, Daily Californian Students protest INS registration policy, Daily Californian Post September 11 woes plague international students, Daily Californian INS Registration stirs foreign student fears, Daily Californian Continue reading Rule of law interviews with the media

City of Love

The Friday Times | Mar 8, 2007 Cyril Almeida was in Lahore for Basant and set eyelashes aflutter; now his heart is flying like a kite Lahore’s Achilles heel has long been its women: cookie-cutter LGS princesses who are more girl than woman. They are always pretty, but few are attractive few weeks ago an article in these pages extolling the virtues of Karachi made me throw up my hands in disbelief. I am a Karachiite. I voluntarily came back to the city after seven years away. I would rather not be anywhere else. But Karachi is an awful city. Anyone … Continue reading City of Love