How British liberals should advocate for the human rights of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir (500 words)

By Imaduddin Ahmed | Fri 30th August 2019 | Lib Dem Voice This past month, the Government of India has escalated military presence in Jammu and Kashmir, already perhaps the densest in the world, enforced curfews, a media blackout, blocked all communications and arrested Kashmiri politicians without issuing warrants under a draconian law. Reports of torture of civilians are…

The case for changing our laws on revoking citizenship

By Imaduddin Ahmed | Mon 19th August 2019 | Lib Dem Voice When as Home Secretary Sajid Javid attempted to strip British-born Shamima Begum of her citizenship, he highlighted how the Home Office has come to possess powers to revoke citizenship that did not exist a generation earlier. These new powers are nothing short of racist, allowing…

Arms sales could cost the UK more than they earn

It is plausible that the arms trade could be a contributing factor to
the extent to which wars are waged and peacekeeping operations in which the MOD is engaged,
the extent to which refugees are created, move to the UK and then are sheltered in the UK,
the radicalisation of those who would harm Britain

Why we should legalise cannabis

Cannabis is over-policed for the relative lack of harm it does Currently, cannabis is classified as a Class B drug, meaning that possession can result in up to 5 years of imprisonment Over the last 10 years, there have been 1.58 million cases of the police forces seizing cannabis, although the number of seizures have…

Ideas for the housing crisis, knife crime, revocation of citizenship

Housing crisis I would tackle the housing crisis by: Scrapping stamp duty that inhibits old people from moving into smaller homes, to free up the 25 million unused bedrooms across the UK; Penalising absent homeowners; Penalising developers failing to meet their deadlines; Ending arms sales to abusive regimes exacerbating the refugee crisis. Knife crime To…

Remain beat Brexit in the EU elections

The Telegraph’s data journalists answered the question “Who won the UK’s European elections – Leave or Remain?” with this piece of analysis:  ‘While the Brexit Party was the clear individual winner in the UK’s European elections, picking up almost a third of the national vote, straightforwardly pro-Brexit parties were actually out-polled by those who are arguing…

Voting Lib Dem on 23 May is voting for a second referendum

We now understand that UKIP, the extremist wing of the Tory party and the Brexit Party don’t care at all for the health or lives that their No Deal Brexit would jeapordise for patients reliant on uninterrupted supplies of insulin and other medicaments.