Khan Bahadur Colonel Maulvi Ziauddin Ahmed (1880-1943)

The Friday Times | Jan 12, 2007 Ziauddin Ahmed had a colourful career in the Indian Police Force, after leaving the judiciary. Once on ceremonial guard duty to the visiting Prince of Wales, he responded to the muezzin’s call by removing his ceremonial sword and saying his prayers behind the throne. He was duly charged with dereliction of duty. His defence was that a Muslim owed allegiance to a Higher Throne. Once, he knocked out a white superior officer, who had insulted his mother. He was responsible for Morarji Desai’s removal from the Indian Civil Services. Desai in his autobiography … Continue reading Khan Bahadur Colonel Maulvi Ziauddin Ahmed (1880-1943)

Salahuddin Ahmed

Maulana Salahuddin Ahmed of Adabi Duniya fame, Lahore, 1964 Excerpt from Lahore: Portrait of a Lost City by Som Anand, Chapter 7 ‘Those who grieved’: (This account directly contradicts Nano’s first-hand account of the house burning, which was not empty, and which was apparently burnt down by a Hindu mob, not a Muslim one. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see how Som Anand describes par nana.) ‘Communal riots became more intense after March ’47 and it seemed that the Muslim leadership was out to clear the city of its non-Muslim inhabitants. That is not to say that every Muslim in Lahore liked … Continue reading Salahuddin Ahmed