Kinyarwanda: getting around, instructions to taxi drivers

A conversation with a moto-driver at the beginning of a journey may go as follows:

You: Yewe!
You: Bitte
Driver: Sawa
You: Ndashaka kujya kuri Nakaumatt, mu mujji
Driver: Yego
You: Nangahe?
Driver: Magana umanani
You: Oya, ibi birahenze
Driver: Magana atandatu
You: Sawa. Ufite amafaranga mato?
Driver: Yego
You:  Utware bohoro kandi neza

You: Hey!
You: Hi
Driver: Hey
You: I’d like to go to the Nakaumatt in town
Driver: Sure
You: How much?
Driver: 800
You: No, that’s too much
Driver: 600
You: Okay. Do you have change?
Driver: Yes
You: Drive slowly and safely

attention! (when hailing a taxi/moto=taxi) – Yewe!

hi – bitte

I would like to go past the MTN Centre -ndashaka kujya kuri numa MTN

nadashaka – I would like

arashaka – he/she would like

turashaka – we would like

kujya – go (in this context)

kuri – to (in this context)

numa – after

opposite Top Tower – imbere ya Top Tower

do you have change ?- ufite amafarange mato?

drive slowly and safely – utware bohoro kandi neza

utware – drive

bohoro/pole – slowly

kandi – and

neza – well

right – iburyo

left – ibumoso

straight ahead – jya mbere

go – genda

stop here – hagarara hano

hagarara – stop

yes, that’s good, here – sawa, hano

sawa (Swahili) – okay/yes/good

please hand me the helmet – mpa ingofero

please give me the hairnet – mpa rero akanozosuku

here – hano

there – haryi

over there – hirya

in town – mu mujji

nyiye – I go

how much? – nangahe?

no, that’s too expensive – oya, ibi birahenze

300 – magana atatu

400 – magana ane

500 – magana atanu

600 – magana atandatu

700 – magana irindwi

800 – magana umunani

900 – magana cyenda

1,000 – igihumbi

1 – rimwe

2 – kabiri

3 – gatatu

4 – kane

5 – gatanu

6 – gatandatu

7 – karindwi

8 – umunani

9 – icyenda

10 – icumi

10,000 – ibihumbi icumi

murakoze (cyane) – thank you (very much)

I live under the lights of the RDB – ntuye munsi ya feu rouge za RDB

munsi ya – under the

za – of (in this context)

could you please point me in the direction of MTN? – wamfasha ukanyobora MTN

wamfasha – please

ukanyobora – orient me

days of the week – iminsi y’icyumweru

Monday – kuwa mbere (mbere = front)

Tuesday – kuwa kabiri (kabiri = 2)

Wednesday – kuwa gatatu (gatatu = 3)

Thursday – kuwa kane (kane = 4)

Friday – kuwa gatanu (gatanu = 5)

Saturday – kuwa gatandatu (gatandatu =6)

Sunday – ku cyumweru (end of the week)

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