Women’s Action Forum national convention, Lahore 1982

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The Friday Times | Nov 17, 2006

Courtesy: Lala Rukh.

Women’s Action Forum, taken at WAF’s national convention in Lahore in October, 1982.

What began as spontaneous reactions to Gen Zia ul-Haq’s anti-women laws developed into life-long struggles for equality, education and health. Between them, these women have either founded or worrked for Simorgh, Shirkat Gah, ASR, Aurat Foundation, SAHE, Lahore Grammar School and the National College of Arts.

Standing from left: Farida Sher, Najma Sadeque

Second row: Samina Rehman, Rukhsana Rashid, Farida Shaheed, Ghazala Rehman, Fareeha Zafar, Nighat Said Khan, Aban Marker-Kabraji

First row: Humaira Rehman, Khawar Mumtaz, Sultanat Bokhari, Hilda Saeed, Nigar Ahmad

On the ground: Lala Rukh


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