Remain beat Brexit in the EU elections

19 5 27 BBC results.jpg

The Telegraph’s data journalists answered the question “Who won the UK’s European elections – Leave or Remain?” with this piece of analysis:  ‘While the Brexit Party was the clear individual winner in the UK’s European elections, picking up almost a third of the national vote, straightforwardly pro-Brexit parties were actually out-polled by those who are arguing for a second referendum.

The Lib Dems, Greens, the SNP, Plaid and Change UK – all backers of a second referendum – collectively gained the support of 39.1 per cent of the public in England, Wales and Scotland, against no-dealers Ukip and the Brexit Party’s collective 33.7 per cent.’

A Guardian editor goes further, declaring: ‘A narrow pro-remain lead is confirmed when Conservative and Labour votes are factored in’, reasoning:  ‘Various pollsters have come up with their own formula for how to account for those who stubbornly stuck to the traditional two main parties. Over the weekend Deborah Mattinson of Britain Thinks suggested Tory voters were 80% pro-leave and that a majority of Labour voters – 60% – supported remain.’





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